現在、Columbia College Chicago在学中。


高校卒業後、Calfornia を拠点としたThe Young Americans College of Performing Arts に留学し、ツアーのキャストメンバーとしてアメリカ、カナダ、日本で活動

2018年ソロシンガーとして活動を始動。英語のオリジナルとカバー楽曲からなるミニアルバムAyako「Open Door」の世界配信で10月に本格デビュー。

同年12月24日、金沢21世紀美術館/シアター21でのリリース記念、ファースト・ライブ開催。同時にCDリリース。12月26日にはTOKYO FM HALLでのライブを果たし、マスメディアでも世界が認めた歌声と大きな反響を得た。


2020年1月21日、Ayako初の日本語楽曲となる「いつか世界の片隅で」(作詞松井五郎 作曲 Ayako)のオリジナル曲をyoutubeで公開、同年2月10日より配信開始を予定している。

Born and raised in Tokyo. Vocalist and Singer-Songwriter. Currently student at Columbia College, Chicago.
Since her early years, Ayako has enjoyed listening to Western music.
From 2012 to 2013, she was a contestant on X Factor Okinawa Japan and won third place.
In 2015, after graduating from high school, Ayako attended The Young Americans College of Performing Arts in Southern California. In her second year as a member of the outreach tour cast, she performed and taught throughout the U.S., Canada, and Japan.
In 2018, Ayako signed an exclusive contract with Concordia and began her career as a solo artist. In October 2018, she will be making her debut with the worldwide digital release of her original song, “Open Door.”
On December 24, she will be performing at Theater 21 of the 21s​t Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, to celebrate the physical CD release of her album on the same day. Her first album includes the single, Open Door, and four cover songs produced by Yuji Toriyama.
On December 26, she will also have a live performance at Tokyo FM Hall.
With her unparalleled singing voice and talent, Ayako continues to attract and grow a global audience. She has a strong passion to inspire people through her music.